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probably not ur name. By anirrelevantsaucepan Completed

Dusk turned to night. Blue turned to black. Hot turned to cold.

Imagine if every breath you took was watched over. If every movement you made was recorded. If every sin you committed was a one-way ticket to an eternity of darkness.

Because what goes around, comes around.

Because she has no mercy and you have no power. 

Because Karma saw that, and she's coming for you.

* * *

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all credit for the cover goes to @randomthingsbyme c:

NC_Mary NC_Mary Feb 26
Gor that right Karma is a bith *mutters under breath* *a badass one at that*
randomdew randomdew Jul 19
Maybe I've been watching too much AHS but she reminds me of...that girl ._. From Murder House that kept bugging the married guy.
__Sophx__ __Sophx__ Mar 28
Omg I could so imagine this as one of those really good tv shows (like tvd or teen wolf) and I could so imagine her as such a badass female character
This is amazing. No, this is so much better than amazing... Such an amount of mysteries and questions, its making me dizzy. Absolutely love this book <3
Mbabaoye Mbabaoye Feb 13
Strong start. This one deals with a lot of adult themes, reminds me a bit of my story "The Rage". Going to read on and see if this goes in a completely different direction though :)
AminaAdamou AminaAdamou Feb 17
This is really creative- and kinda makes you think twice before doing something XD