Stand By (Eric Fanfiction)

Stand By (Eric Fanfiction)

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xX Sophie Xx By TigerGeek Updated Apr 11, 2016

(Divergent fanfic)

After the war, all but a fenced off city was destroyed. To keep peace in the city, they divided it into five factions, depending on personality. The peaceful are in Amity, the honest are in Candor, the intelligent are in Erudite, the selfless are in Abnegation and the brave are in Dauntless. Each faction makes up apart of the city. Abnegation runs the government, Amity farm the lands, Candor keep order and peace, Erudite invent the technology and medicine whilst Dauntless protects the city. However, if you don't fit into a category, you become factionless. All seems fine, right? Wrong. Some people fit into more than one category, the Divergents, and society sees them as a threat.

Mackenzie Harrison is daughter to Max, one of the Dauntless leaders. Although, he is not her biological father, he took her in as his daughter when she was very young. He is protective of her and keeps her locked away or under the eye of someone he trusts. But Mackenzie senses that something is happening between Erudite and Dauntless, but is it too late to find out? But then the next round of initiates come in and a special transfer catches her eye.

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