It's Just Our Fate

It's Just Our Fate

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fantaseaz By fantaseaz Updated May 11, 2015

(DISCLAIMER! - This is my first ever story, so it's shit. But I'm trying my best to make it good. Feedback is highly appreciated. Also just a word of warning, this story doesn't immediately start with the girl meeting the guy, it takes some time as things happen before then. I'm js this as it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Anyway that's it really, enjoy reading my awful attempt at a description, much love - Fantaseaz) 
Let me start off by saying that the human race is fucked, we are on the brink of extinction. From all those generations we had evolved, until now. Just like the dinosaurs. One mutant epidemic 17 years ago and the whole world was in chaos. Shortly, after the outbreak I was born, and me and mum were joined at the hip, she was the only person I had left. Whatever made a human, a human in those day isn't the case in these days.

As I've come to learn, all good things must come to an end very quickly. Since 2 weeks ago my mum was kidnapped, just easily torn away from me. Not by zombies either, but by fellow "humans"

And, right now in the present, I'm sat around a table face to face with my camp that took me in as one of their own, in a desperate time of need. And lastly, 2 boys who I've just met today. Who I hate by the matter how devilishly handsome they actually may be. 

(Told you it will be shitty, i'm sorry for the cringe, just read my actual writing though, it isn't this bad...I don't think) 
 Mature content - strong language

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