Meet The Bad (On Hold)

Meet The Bad (On Hold)

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Ipizzait By jody426 Updated Dec 17, 2015

Usually, my looks were enough to sway men on their own feet. No efforts on my part.

If they play hard to get, then a wink would do the trick and charm their minds off.

I winked more times than I care to admit, I flashed my signature smile countless times, I swayed my hips, I purred my words, I even imitated ""her"" .

I finished my tricks book on him, gave all my efforts.

I should have owned his pathetic heart by now, right?


Needless to say that we all know the bad boy.
The arrogant, rude, self-centered, cocky, conceited, flirtatious, badass, reckless boy.

The player, ladies' man, womanizer, heartbreaker.

Also known as charmer, irresistible, always having his way with women, never stuck with one girl, prefers one night stands, doesn't believe in love, blah blah blah...


Have you ever met the bad girl?!!

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jazzzylovetoread jazzzylovetoread Sep 17, 2016
The book is a great start with many good with each character. I just gotta say good and there some grammar mistakes, but it can fix. 
                              The dialogue was really good and that's all I gotta say.
CaldiCook CaldiCook Nov 29, 2016
You haven't got a subject so this isn't a sentence but a bunch of run on thoughts.
CaldiCook CaldiCook Nov 29, 2016
Interesting cast, but I'll reserve judgement on the story line until I see what this has to do with it.
CaldiCook CaldiCook Nov 29, 2016
Another run-on sentence. Read your story out loud. If you have to pause in reading, you need some punctuation. If you can't read a sentence in one breath, it's too long.
CaldiCook CaldiCook Nov 29, 2016
Romance is not my usual genre, but so far the story seems fairly cliche to me. Sorry.