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Terry Smith By TerrySmith617 Updated Apr 26, 2015

'A Turquoise Noise' was conceived as the introductory novel to a continuing adventure series, 'The Adventures of Otis Sandstrom'. The reader first meets Otis as he is being incarcerated for a supposed murder in a small, neglected, Puget Sound, state prison in depression era 1935. Extraordinarily making use of psychology and charisma  our mysterious hero quickly commences to have his own way, even to the point of manipulating circumstances so cleverly that he develops a bond with a lumbering, big-hearted prison guard, as well as an unlikely, but touching relationship with the pitiful, whiskey nipping, comically disheveled, recently divorced warden. The warden's prudishly resistant, yet eye-catching secretary is also fair game for the handsome Swede and inadvertently on her way to becoming romantically seduced by our infallible charmer.

The MYSTERY lies in what he's up to. Is he an OUTRAGEOUS CON-ARTIST or truly what some find him to be a... POWERFUL MASTER OF ANCIENT WISDOM... or BOTH?

We begin to dwell into the Swede's unusual, early history quarter-way through the tale when we leave the prison to drift back in time to 1905; British controlled India, where Otis Sandstrom's odyssey begins as a young adventure seeker/aspiring journalist. We travel with the hunter of ancient wisdom and his attentive and excitable, Hindi guide on their first quest in search of the Sacred Caves of Dharthmar and the Hermits that reside in them.  The readers' heads will spin, when after over a year of plot twisting, romantic escapades in the East, our hero finally uncovers the Sage wisdom of the reclusive Swamis and they will be stunned at what they become aware of. This discovery is illuminating, although be prepared for a brand new twist. The readers will be delighted to find out that they are being offered something rare; not merely old style religion, 'new-age-isms' or run-of-the-mill Eastern philosophy.

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