The Snow Wolf ▷ Isaac Lahey [2]

The Snow Wolf ▷ Isaac Lahey [2]

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Skye Johnson By Skye_Johnson_ Completed

After fighting against Matt and Gerard, turning Jackson into the werewolf he was supposed to be and finding out that Violet was a she wolf and that she was known as the Snow Wolf the Alpha's are in town bringing trouble to Violet, Scott, Derek and every other person involved with them. 

     There's where Deucalion gets introduced which will be very interested in Violet; wanting someone like her in his pack and revealing some shocking and new information about her parent's death. Also the strange murders, all this animals running towards their death. What will they do this time? What will happen between Isaac and Violet?

Second book of the Love Bites trilogy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or any of the characters, I just own Violet, some of her lines and the plot she has that's all. All credit goes to Jeff Davis, the producers and writers of Teen Wolf.

This book is currently being edited.

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Chasingfirestories Chasingfirestories Mar 18, 2017
Omg I love it SOO much. Especially since its season 3 and since its about Isaac sort of. I hope you create more fascinating work in the future!!!! Keep it up😍😍👏👍👌