Arrogant with a Side of Smoothie

Arrogant with a Side of Smoothie

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Maddie Johnson is a homeschooled teenager who happens to be a maladroit employee of a family owned smoothie bar, who was supposed to have her senior year as an unquestionably stress-free adolescent. But that was before-before she ran smack into the teen acting sensation, Ash Parker -whom is apparently looking for girlfriend. 

Before they know it, everything is spiraling out of control.

Fans. Gossip. Pranks. And lots of smoothies. 


Even under mattresses.


a modern retelling of princess and the pea
in the form of poetry and prose.
beautiful cover made by leichter

mitchipenn mitchipenn Jun 22, 2016
What an interesting way to tell your story ;) I don't see a lot of books that is formatted like a poem (Under the Mesquite as a real world example) but I thought this is a great prologue to start with! Nice job c:
ForkSquad ForkSquad May 22, 2016
Omg that's what's happening where I live! They're building this huge retirement home.
ashthebat ashthebat Jun 12, 2016
Wait wait wait. You changed the whole story? But whyy? It was so goood 😭
onceuponaline onceuponaline May 17, 2016
:( How or what did you even do? Do I need to make a Prologue?  Can anyone even see my story??
amxryllis amxryllis Jul 02, 2016
omg i love the prologue to this!! It makes me want to read more!
kakaotaeks kakaotaeks Apr 15, 2016
Which basically means "lets fûck when we r older" 😂😂😂 jk jk