Young and Young at Heart (A Rewrite of The Walking Dead Game: S2) [TWDG/TWD]

Young and Young at Heart (A Rewrite of The Walking Dead Game: S2) [TWDG/TWD]

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J. Gray Dingler By JGrayDingler Completed

A coming of age story with zombies, in which a girl, teenager, and pregnant woman endure hell on Earth in hope of finding a better life in this epic rewrite made for fans and new readers alike. Orphaned by the horrors of a cruel and grotesque world and still mourning the loss of the people closest to her, a nine year old girl struggles to survive as what little stability provided by her adoptive parents is suddenly ripped away and she's forced to endure even greater dangers and torments, her only comfort being a kindly soul willing to suffer with her.

Join Clementine as she struggles to not only survive against flesh-starved zombies and sadistic captors, but to endure the relentless heart-crushing tragedies that so continually push her to a breaking point in this fan made follow up extrapolated from the actual follow up in ways inspired, conceptualized and sculpted by members of Telltale Game's message boards in an attempt to better realize The Walking Dead Game's beloved breakout character in this story of grief, guilt, pain, loss and love.

The sequel to Young and Young at Heart has begun, Three Orphan Pilgrimage!

Cover artwork for Young and Young at Heart by Albaharu.
The Walking Dead property of Robert Kirkman.
The Walking Dead Game property of Telltale Games.
Original characters and scenarios property of J. Gray Dingler.

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Emmahan1234 Emmahan1234 Nov 20, 2017
Omid is so dumb, but in a good way he can always light up the mood.
Negative-_-Nancy Negative-_-Nancy Sep 20, 2017
I've never played the game but the books seems good so I'm going to keep reading
NyokayaMpembe NyokayaMpembe Oct 03, 2017
Hey I am working on a Walking Dead game story, I think you guys will like it so check it out!!
strangelife111107 strangelife111107 Jun 19, 2017
Omid is taking to much! All I'm saying is he needs to shut up!
happybreadcat happybreadcat Mar 17, 2017
Dang I just got like 3 feet of snow where I live and not even that could help the burn Omid just made to her. LIKE DAMN