You Are The Light To My World (Ciel x Reader)

You Are The Light To My World (Ciel x Reader)

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'I was cut off by the new most unexpected thing...she ran up to me and hugged me. It made me smile even though I shouldn't be enjoying it I missed this side of her the one I wouldn't forget.
The one I loved.'

Ciel, my love, your words touch me so much, I thought I could never find it in my heart to hate you, but somehow I did. You betrayed me and expect me to forgive you, so I do. I only love you more when I reject you. Never forget that.

Your Mother's PVO:
"We gave her an option long before this day, to either leave you and come with us and fight off your kind and all who are associated or stay with you and face us and her people when the time came and she"

They don't get it...I am very powerful and they all betray me in the end? Have they forgotten what I control? They must have forgotten. I am the most powerful person they'll ever meet, and they act that way? They will get what's coming to them.

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Shouldn't it be maid not butler because of the (maids name) thing?
So I know there's a demon sword in Black Butler, but I also got reminded of Blue Exorcist. JUST SAYING.
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