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Seeing nothing but black (bxb)

Seeing nothing but black (bxb)

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Wise Old Torkoal By Bao-zhi Completed

A/n:disclaimer I do not own any musical media images or characters within naruto or such just the story plot is all anyways enjoy 

"Naruto you know as well as I do he's been shut in for a week straight since I broke it to him, he needs to socialize with someone so this is why I'm giving you this mission; there's another reason why it's been ranked S you know what happened with his father; but kakashi I hope wouldn't fall that low.." 

    Tsunade trailed of I could see the doubt in her eyes I rose my hands "ok ok ill go pack my things tonight and tell him" she chuckled a hollow one and sighed "your the only one he'll talk to anyways he won't even speak to Sakura " 

 I just nodded aware that my visits were usually dry with him even though he's my beloved sensei he has changed but losing your eyesight does do that and especially when no other eyes are compatible you seem to lose all hope with yourself and begin telling yourself what's the point however I'm determined I will save my sen...

Zeit_Schutze Zeit_Schutze Sep 24, 2016
This instrumental song is very powerful somehow, I love it just by hearing it for the first time!!
Bao-zhi Bao-zhi Sep 29, 2015
thank you very much, and yes these things are very true it kinda sucks in a way but before hobbies