Definitely More Than Brothers (Incest boyxboy)

Definitely More Than Brothers (Incest boyxboy)

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FacingTheMusic By FacingTheMusic Updated May 23, 2016

(Warning: This story will or may contain sexual situations. A warning will be given in beginning of the chapter in case any readers want to skip.) 

Lucas has always watched his older brothers,Ash, back on and off the football field. They looked out for each other and wouldn't hesitate to kick someones ass for the other. One day after Football practice, Lucas catches Ash getting off in the shower and suddenly He starts thinking the unthinkable. Could he actually be attracted to his own brother? 

Come along for the journey as two brother find themselves in a mass entanglement of love, hurt, and football.

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AoWataradi AoWataradi Apr 15
I like it so much! It's just that, you have to look out for the spelling next time.
I like this kind of plot so much🤤🤤❤️ as long as he ends up with his bro😆
Moaning-Ashton Moaning-Ashton Oct 31, 2015
I'm sorry but like Lucas and Ash? You must me an undercover lashton shipper xD
justininwonderland1 justininwonderland1 Aug 25, 2015
I think it's going slit the fast. If u want it to last try easing into the scenes of sex. If u don't it might fail like mine did. Srry for criticism just trying to help