Warrior Cats: Cleardawn's Silence #Wattys2016 [Book ONE]

Warrior Cats: Cleardawn's Silence #Wattys2016 [Book ONE]

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*BOOK ONE of the CDS Series*


What would you do if your mother disappeared? What would you do when you suspected someone close to you had something to do with it?
What would do... If your heart could never escape the pain, the betrayal... the guilt?

Cleardawn experiences these feelings and realities everyday.
Her life is a tornado just growing bigger and bigger with more problems being carried into the storm.
Her trust is limited. Her heart has been torn and stitched up numerous amounts of times.

All the anger and fear and grief... Is it too much for young Cleardawn?

Could it separate her from the ones she counts on? From the ones she loves?

And to top it all off... What does she do when the truth is finally revealed? How will she react?

You'll never know until you take the long, emotional and suspenceful journey of the life of Cleardawn...

And how she must keep silent to stay safe.


[Cover Credits: @Tardiscat]
[Art Credits: RiverSpirit456]

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"I really loved the description; it's one of a kind in a fanfiction on Wattpad." ~LeafpoolM on WattyWarriors

"I couldn't let go of the book when I was reading it. There were so many things I loved in it." ~LeafpoolM on WattyWarriors

*Started: April 11th, 2015*
*Ended: December 5th, 2015*

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Buhz-Dryvuh Buhz-Dryvuh Apr 07
I've haven't read this story yet but I'm assuming that the leaders are the original founders of these clans. Or it's just bad naming.
One, this is the sixtieth comment. Two, how does a diamond shape form on a cat's chest? Three, I'm glad to see an eye color other than blue or green. Mix it up a bit. Also, if I see another abstract pattern on a cat, you can kiss my reads goodbye
I once wrote a Warriors book (Its private) The leader was CloroxStar, deputy was Nyancat, and the med was HolyWater
Lol, before I found this I made an OC named Acornfall. It's quite a cute name indeed.
                              That’s gross YELLOWFANG AND RAGGEDSTAR
                              XD at first I was like aww there siblings than I was like....... 
                              WAIT WHAT!?
Lilyflower is the main character in one of my books too..........