Offenderman's first proxy (you)

Offenderman's first proxy (you)

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XxPidermanxX By XxPidermanxX Updated Aug 19

XD I'm sorry but I had to...
this is for girls only!!!! 
(Only because the lemons are with the boys of creepypasta and they refer to her as a 'she'. If you don't mind that, then anyone can read this!)
And of course there may be some scenes
But this is Offenderman!!!!!

Same rules apply to this story,
(Y/N) your name
(F/C) favorite creepypasta
(Y/A) your age
(N/N) neighbors name

This book was SUPPOSED to be a lemon filled book with Creepypastas of all kinds... But it has some sort of a plot now... Somehow... Oh well~ no matter! THX FOR READING! ENJOY~❤️

...I would have eaten the flower... You make it sound so delicious... :3
Kyaaa!!..ahem......I feel like I really get this character (reader)
Omagerd if my mom found out I was reading yaoi she would flip lol
Wow you're mom know what you read and she doesn't even mad at you
Yuriwolf14 Yuriwolf14 Sep 26
Totally me is it weird I read yaoi mangas at school in class?
If I saw offenderman on my bed I'd be like "bitch oh hell nauw ur not gonna be here get the fawk out of here now!!!!!