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My Little Knuckle-Headed Ninja (Naruto Love Story)

My Little Knuckle-Headed Ninja (Naruto Love Story)

42K Reads 1K Votes 12 Part Story
Lynn By whitexwings Completed

My first story i hope it doesn't suck that bad >_<;; (purely fan-fiction.I don't take credit for anything) the story is written in dialogue (or you could say play if thats how you see it) you, the reader are in characters (Ai) shoes.

Name:  Suzuki,Ai
age: 12
D.O.B: 12/23
quick bio: lives in konoha, doesn't live with parents (both deceased)
looks: you have long blue hair up to your hips and dark blue eyes but when your mad your eyes turn red. you were a black tank top with a short-sleeved thin, gray mini jacket over it (opened) and black shorts with gray suspenders hanging off the sides with black sparring shoes. 
personality: smart,shy,stubborn,has intense vocabulary,quiet (but only with ppl she dosnt know),loud,patient,tough,
friends:naruto,sasuke,shikamaru,sakura,ino,kiba,neji.      Acqaintances:hinata,choji,tenten,lee,gaara,kankuro,temari
likes: dogs,cats,drawing,ramen,swimming,missions,winning,blue,pranks,h...

Alexa482 Alexa482 Oct 10, 2015
I think it's pretty clear you should stay with Naruto, I mean where else will you go
BigenderLesbian BigenderLesbian Nov 03, 2013
poor little girl....i would be devastated if i ONLY got a letter when my parents they have no consideration for childrens mental state when they do that do they? well it makes you think