Everbloom ღ Newt [2]

Everbloom ღ Newt [2]

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Alysha By WrathfulDeity Completed

❛The lost dreams are buried in my sleep for him,
And this was the ecstasy of a love forgotten❜

The Ever Series, Book 2
A Maze Runner, Newt, Fan Fiction

The Gladers have escaped the Maze and are now about to discover what Alby had warned them about. 
Thomas is confused, Teresa is acting strange, Minho has taken a leadership role, Clara is on the sidelines, Newt is heartbroken, and Lori is gone. 

Read on to find out what will happen to the Gladers who escaped the Maze. 

It is time for Phase Two: The Scorch Trials


I hope you all enjoy book 2 in the Ever series! 

And please don't copyright, even if the story sucks, I rather it stays mine.
COPYRIGHT 2015 ©WrathfulDeity 

Published 22/04/2015

EvilPanda05 EvilPanda05 Jun 10
I'm crying. Do you think this is when he contracted the flare? 😭
Idk because I haven't read the rest but what of Lori deceived them to think she's dead
wolfofbakerstreet wolfofbakerstreet Oct 06, 2015
I like it, but I miss Lori already and Newt and her being separated is slowly driving me cranky
sparkle_911 sparkle_911 Jun 01, 2015
I am but I have a problem; rose took my nose...I suppose...and it really blows, get it?
SweaterWeather24 SweaterWeather24 Apr 22, 2015
omg! I'm hoping his sister isn't the person I'm thinking of. nice first chapter though. really liked it.