Mr Arrogant || kth. » book 1 (#Wattys2016)

Mr Arrogant || kth. » book 1 (#Wattys2016)

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What happens when the good girl meets the bad boy? Lee Hyejin dreads to go to school because of one name. Kim Taehyung - The notorious kid in school, known as the big bully and a rebel.

Taehyung and Hyejin always pick up a fight when they face each other, no one knows why, they just always do. What will happen to this two?

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IceBubbleTae IceBubbleTae a day ago
Omg the maknae line, also known as my BTS biases ღ  They are too precious tho <3
Dorky_Worky_Gurl Dorky_Worky_Gurl 4 days ago
maknae line is in danger .o. they have been affected by the rude-ness
When you've been listening to kpop for about four weeks and its already taking control of your mind
jeonggmelon jeonggmelon 3 days ago
literally read book 1 and 2 in a day, and gonna read it again becAUSE ITS THAT GOOD
mmqlac mmqlac 3 days ago
Lol I would go to principal and say this bitch teacher had sex with one of the students. She be dead next day lol
Hana_211 Hana_211 a day ago
I want that but nope its anoyying i will just block him u know