To Envy the Stars

To Envy the Stars

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I'm a freaking box By lost-in-my-thought Completed

Take Athena. Strong, confident, nerdy girl. 

She was rescued on her prom night by the schools bad boy. When I say rescue, trust me, he saved her from being kidnapped or killed.

But Athena moved away only to have Lukas come back one year later, announcing he will be living with her.

The worst part? She is in debt to him.

But after getting stuck in an elevator, kissing a few times, Simon Says, a crazy best friend, a ripped shirt, finding the clearing, hours of stargazing, a party and an epic couch battle (don't ask) does Lukas really seem so bad?

If I were Ashlyn's friend, I would come in her room like "wassup bitch!"
That whole granny comment made me laugh xDD and I love Ash already
writingisfreedom13 writingisfreedom13 Jul 14, 2015
I love their friendship, it's hilarious! Athena is such a wonderful character and I love how she goes with the flow of things.
writingisfreedom13 writingisfreedom13 Jul 14, 2015
This story is so incredible! I haven't read anything like it before and I'm eager to keep reading! What an excellent job you've done!
-_-straight-face -_-straight-face May 09, 2015
You shot me?!
                              I would like to inform you that I dislike you.
                              That's nice.