Genetics - Book One : City of New Hope

Genetics - Book One : City of New Hope

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Sekaran By Sekaran Updated Sep 24, 2010

The Slums, filled with filth and rubbish. A shadow of the city New Hope. The citizens of New Hope believe them to be beggars and outcasts. Never would they have believed that a Genetic (A human with special abilities) would be born amongst them.

Little do they know, one has been given the gift of life outside the city. Outside their control.

Genetics are the human saviors. The Original, professor Namuh, saved humanity by building a wall around New Hope, a defense mechanism, and rebuilt human civilization as we know it. Genetics alike have been found amongst the citizens, each having unique skills and abilities. And all seems safe.

But the Niere think otherwise. They have been dormant, watching, waiting. Now the time has come for them to rise, and this time they will not be stopped....

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