Secrets (A Barry Allen/The Flash Fanfic) [Editing]

Secrets (A Barry Allen/The Flash Fanfic) [Editing]

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Barry looks up with difficulty through his blood-veiled eyes. 
To his dismay, a woman with a familiar face looks down at him with cold unfathomable mercy.
"Julie?" He mumbles quietly.
"My name," She says. "Is Julia. Remember that."
And that's all he can remember before he went to unconsciousness.

Barry Allen was delighted when he finally found his long-lost best friend, Julie Jackson after being absent in his life for ten years. 
Barry revealed his identity, knowing he could trust her. 
But as she revealed the real reason why she had "disappeared" for five years, Barry felt uneasy. He couldn't make up his mind whether he could trust her. But when her biggest secret was released, Barry wondered if this is the same Julie he knew.


It's a long time since I watched the first half of The Flash so if I get anything wrong please bear with me. 

I am currently working on editing the book, and I'm sorry for not updating so much, life got in the way. I hope you all will understand :)

Thank you for all your support!!

(Cover by thissummerlist)

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For like three more chapters before someone faster comes along
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This is far too soon. I would've done it later but it's fine I guess
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Is she gonna be a villain? Because I'm currently working on a story involving that plot line....