Rightfully Ours

Rightfully Ours

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She's an orphan, she has tattoos, she's a natural red head, and her cooking will most likely hiss at you but she's also the parent of five teenage brothers who follow in her troublesome footsteps, two best friends who stand beside her in a jail cell saying 'that was fun', knows about everything and every kind of being, and has four- wait as of a second ago- five PhD's in different sciences. 
Dr. Madison Lancaster thinks things through to protect everything that's rightfully hers.  

His growl is just as bad as his bite, he's been to war more times than you can count, he has the scars to prove that torture just won't tickle his funny bone anymore, and he's angry but he's also the protector of his pack even though his Alpha is shit, he has two best friends and their teen sister he's been watching over since they first uttered the word 'ouch', he's built a million dollar empire on helping supernatural creatures, and he's a romantic. 
Logan Ryder fights to protect everything that's rightfully his. 

Just as soon as they had given up on ever finding each other, the mates meet and all hell breaks lose. The teenagers pick fights and get a little jail time, rouges attack looking for a certain red head, a wizard just doesn't get the idea that 'no means no', a slut sucubus, A jolly Judge that likes cookies and milk, a coma or two, a dick Alpha and his ho daughter, a wedding, crazy best friends, super powers, and hell let's throw in the fact that they're born to rule the werewolf kingdom and finish a war because why not? 
But hey at least they got a butler and a castle.

Join Madison and Logan who fight for their train of misfits and their people against the scum of the supernatural realm in order to protect what they know as

' Rightfully Ours '

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