Teachers Pet (Sebastian x Reader)

Teachers Pet (Sebastian x Reader)

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Medusa Scarlet Titania By TearKuchiki Completed

your going to a college, you would meet new young adults and go to your first class. but wait! you didn't expect your professor to be so handsome.. and what made it better is he asked you if you would like to be tutor in private with him alone.. but what is it about this mysterious handsome professor that make you wonder...is he human?and what is it about this college that can be creepy. well you have to find out.. so please enjoy

if you want to help add something to it feel free all help is appreciated :) this is my first one and your support is wanted just don't use it for your own thanks ^^

I don't own black butler and I don't own you... you own yourself  ^^

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Making my way downstairs, walking stairs, painting passes, and I'm homebound (dun, dun, dun, dun lol)
ChubbyButtercup ChubbyButtercup Apr 04, 2017
Lol I had already said black but then everything else was black so I changed it to deep dark purple. & my imagination just kinda said "we're adding a black belt. Why? Because I do what I want wether you like it or not bwahahahahaha!"
fanficjen2005 fanficjen2005 Jan 31, 2017
Bacon... pancakes??
                                /\      /\
                              /   ♥ ♥  \
                              |                |
                              \              /
Deadly_Peach Deadly_Peach Jan 22, 2017
Wait I am in college and I am taking a bus with kids am I younger than 16
Xx_Suki_Sakura_xX Xx_Suki_Sakura_xX Jun 27, 2016
Lol everyone chose all black, so I'm gonna have everything black with a blood red skirt!
_demonicnancy_ _demonicnancy_ Nov 10, 2016
Every time I read fan fics the shade/color is always black cuz it meh favorite and I do red eyes idk why