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IllusionaryMatrix By IllusionaryMatrix Updated Jul 03

"Holding back? I thought you were better than this!"

"Let go of your demons!"

"They plague your heart, your mind, until they'll ultimately rip you apart!"


She was always the one in control. She always thought she was in charge of her own destiny, she thought that if she believed enough, things would go perfectly.

Sadly, this isn't a Disney movie, and life's always fun with a bit of spice.

She's not in control. She has demons that will corrupt her. She'll run into bumps along the way.

She'll lose it all.

If you were expecting some kind of lovey-dovey, perfect, romance fanfiction, congrats! You found one. But, with a few twists and turns that will make your head spin.

After all, it's my turn to control and be the puppetmaster.

Rated T for language
Originally Understand Me? Never...

Da fuq with the retyping? You wrote some things a crap tone of times.
!!! Gosh! Don't tell me the fake full name is Kirigaya Kazuto.
bluemetalalchemist bluemetalalchemist Oct 19, 2016
First a Blake from RWBY last name now kirito what's next natsu happy Lucy and plue
Darkstar1001 Darkstar1001 Aug 16, 2016
Please don't judge me but I'm not a big fan of SAO but I got to admit that the art style is pretty good?
Neko-Chan_6666 Neko-Chan_6666 Jun 19, 2016
First off: whats wrog with staying in a room and reading. Second off: SAO!!!
bluemetalalchemist bluemetalalchemist Oct 19, 2016
Are you Blake belladonna's sister because that's her last name from RWBY