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The Mafia leader's son

The Mafia leader's son

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DG1997 By DG1997 Completed

Irina is a regular teenager she moved form Texas to California. Luke Hernandez is a Mafia Leader's son he is well known for many things like murdering, doing dangerous business, plays women, kidnaps, and threatens people who ever disobeys him. Now what will happen when Irina comes face to face with the dangerous bad boy.
"Who do you think you are to grab me whenever you want to? Don't listen to other conversations that don't concern you."
"She is my business if you harm her then you best pray because I'll make sure you remember me," I shot back pushing him aggressively.
"Irina don't fight him!" Sammy calls as she grabs hold of me.
"Sammy let go off me I won't let anybody harm my family especially mistreat a girl!" I growled struggling to escape from her hold.
"Irina listen to me I know what I'm saying he is dangerous!" She cried out. "I mean it!"
"Better listen to your friend or whatever she is from you because you don't know how I manage things," he adds furiously.

(Author's Note: currently editing this book)

SmexyNiallHoran SmexyNiallHoran Mar 29, 2016
Was I the only one who immediatly followed and voted for this once she stood up to him like a boss bitch!? XDDD
xx_black_Phoenix_xx xx_black_Phoenix_xx Mar 17, 2016
I remember something like that happened a couple weeks ago with me and my boyfriend.. XD 😂😂
CriticalEmo CriticalEmo Mar 30, 2016
Thank you so much been trying to find his name since forever
mnbrown0509 mnbrown0509 Sep 20, 2016
For a second it look like his head was turned all the way around
najpaj2000 najpaj2000 Mar 15, 2016
Okay no offense to anyone but if u pay for it, can u really rape a prostitute? I guess if they tell u to stop and give the money back. Okay.....ignore this comment
hailhydra13 hailhydra13 Apr 29, 2016
I like here but I would of ran like quicksilver!🏃🏽💨