Raising Harry (BoyxBoy) #Wattys2016

Raising Harry (BoyxBoy) #Wattys2016

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Megloid By HarrysVelvetyBumhole Completed

"Sometimes your soulmate is the same person you've known through your entire life."

Harry was taken under Jay's parental care ever since he was a baby, Louis being his new older brother. Read about the journey throughout their lives as they get older and wiser.

Read about Louis and his mother raising Harry.

Cover by BabyBottleLou 

Copyright: May, 2015

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But i started speaking when my mom was hospital giving birth to me and i was like "wTF MY HEAD STUCK ON THE HOLE "
my first word was "yee-haw" cause my western ass but my first like WORD was "distraught" even if I didn't know what it meant I would say it all the time lmao
I spoke my first word when I was 12 months and it was ‘mum’ but not as in mother. I used to call water ‘mum’
Hiiiiii! I loved this book and... I question maybe.. Can I write this book to spanish?? I'm from latinoamierca so... Say yes??? Pleaseeee i really like your story bby
My first 'word' was when I was 7 months and it was 'ho ho ho Merry Christmas' but it probably came out as.. jejskaledjebkriieejebrbdbe s
I thought he said “I made out with a pizza” 😂😂😂😂Don’t judge me it’s the middle of the night