Fast and Furious Preferences/Imagines (COMPLETED)

Fast and Furious Preferences/Imagines (COMPLETED)

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▼Completed: July 31st, 2016▽


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  • brian
  • dom
  • fastandfurious
  • gisele
  • han
  • hobbs
  • letty
  • luke
  • oconner
  • ortiz
  • parker
  • pearce
  • preferences
  • roman
  • tej
  • toretto
  • yashar
Name: Aleena or Lena
                              Guy: Tej
                              Activity: Movie night (Disney) /pillow fight and make out. 
                              Place: Tej's place
belagillett2001 belagillett2001 Jan 29, 2016
Name: Bela
                              Guy: Jesse
                              She's Vince's cousin but she has blue eyes instead of brown and Jesse likes that, we meet at a race and talk a bit and then go back the Toretto's house and hook up and maybe she gets a bit frisky in the car.
                              Place: race, Toretto house, Jesse's room
wroetoxminter wroetoxminter Feb 13, 2016
Name: Kenzie 
                              Guy: Brian 
                              Activity: they race and she wins they were childhood friends but haven't seen each other since. They both liked each other but neither one of them ever made a move finally he does.
                              Where: race wars
SoKawaiic SoKawaiic Jul 19, 2016
Name: michaela 
                              Activity: road trip 
                              Place: any where
han-lue-dsn han-lue-dsn May 10, 2016
Name: Difa
                              Guy: Han
                              Activity: go out , talk everything about each other.
                              Place: Tokyo
Keller03 Keller03 Feb 24, 2016
Name: Marie
                              Guy: Roman
                              Activity: date night
                              Place: One of Tej's boats