Haikyuu!!xReader one shots!

Haikyuu!!xReader one shots!

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あびがいlてつや By awsomecatlover Updated Jun 15, 2016

so I decided instead of doing a xReader fanfiction, I'm just gonna do a bunch of one shots with all the characters

I'll do whatever character is requested but I just really like doing nishinoya,because yes.

Also if anyone is new, or thinking about joining the anime fandom, IT RUINED MY LIFE!!
I like never want to stop watching it and stay up till 3am to read fanfics. but do I regret joining?

so anyways enough about my poop of a life, I'm new to  watt pad (if that's how you spell it) so I'm happy to finally start meeting my type of people.

so to sum (whatever this is) up, SEND ME REQUESTS pls

--rant over--
(so much for a description)

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hock_stetter hock_stetter Dec 19, 2017
Can you do a Matsukawa x reader? And a Hanamaki x reader? Please and thank you!!
AnimeGalactic AnimeGalactic Oct 20, 2017
Okay just wtf and also,you adorable precious thing of course!
VroomVroomMF123 VroomVroomMF123 Dec 28, 2017
                              *starts singing the fairy tail theme*
_BurriTooru _BurriTooru Dec 15, 2017
Snake-chan please take care of these two while i go  find some woods
AmandaSax AmandaSax Mar 06, 2016
Can u do a nishinoya yu x chubby! Short! Reader please and/or Akaashi x chubby! Short! Reader please
MercyGod MercyGod Sep 26, 2015
How were you able to transport into the anime world in order to do them?