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Grayson By XxxGraysonxxX Updated Feb 05, 2016

Xavier Dallas has always dreamed about her mate. Sure she wasn't the prettiest of them all. Acne, braces, and flat chested. Her family always supported her though, always showed her love and affection. Her and her brother were close as you can get. Her dreams come crashing down when he rejected her. 

And she flees to another pack far away from Canada to the cold streets of London. When she returns she's different. Her hair is longer than before and she is stronger then she ever dreamed. She confident and sexy, and he wants her.  But he can't have her.

Cameron Winters didn't want his mate. He was the schools playboy. The hottest boy you'll ever meet. Good looking, womanizer, tall, dark, and lean. And the Alpha of the Blood Moon pack. Everyone loved or either hated him. Guys wanted to be him and girls wanted to be with him. But he rejected the only girl that could make him happy. He doesn't know what he did to Xavier. 

But he will soon.

  • alpha
  • family
  • fights
  • innocent
  • mate
  • player
  • rejected
  • rouges
  • runaway
  • werewolf
Katty_Zebra Katty_Zebra Mar 25, 2018
I was 5'4 when I was twelve...and 124.3 lbs, seriously muscular. Everyone in my class was taller than me...
iqraakhtxr iqraakhtxr Jun 24, 2017
That's not ari and doesn't even match the character description well
BlackCresent1089 BlackCresent1089 Jul 07, 2017
due thats what i said a month a ago i was "supposed"to lose wieght but look at me im 115 again not fat lean but not fat
VEST1NA VEST1NA Jun 28, 2017
I've said those words about three times now. Guess what? I'm still sitting at home, reading 'Wattpad' and eating everything I want 😂
1-800-WhoTfAreYou 1-800-WhoTfAreYou Jul 18, 2017
Who has heard ' 'Rise of the Pauls' ' and there's a line that says ' 'One be a leach gain your fame from famous one, Two be a Maverick lead the pack like Nepolion' ' or something like that so #BEAMAVERICK🙌
Rejected_Murderer Rejected_Murderer Apr 10, 2017
This is why I hate hoomans.............they suck..............d!ck