Watching Wren

Watching Wren

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Someone has been watching Wren for weeks.  She can’t see them, but she can feel them.  Can feel their eyes on her as she leaves her dorm, as she walks down the street with her friends.  This fact becomes startlingly clear when someone poses as her boyfriend on the chatting app, ChatMe, and sends her a link—a link that, once Wren clicks on, won’t be able to exit.  Not without repercussions, anyway.
Wren learns this lesson the hard way.

She soon learns that her stalker is none other than Vee Carper, a girl Wren made the mistake of cyberbullying during their senior year of high school.  According to Vee, Wren ruined her life when she made those hurtful posts, and now she has to pay the price.

Trapped online with Vee, Wren is forced to do things in order to amuse the girl who has ultimately taken her hostage.  If she doesn’t, she will be punished.  If she logs off, someone she loves will die.

Called it faster than a radio station selling twenty one pilots tickets
Trussell715 Trussell715 Jan 06
Apple sucks. I had 2 Apple phones in 6 months. Both brand new.
Zisi1234 Zisi1234 Jan 17
What do you guys normally get from starbucks?
                              I get a double choc chip frap.
Onesitaylor Onesitaylor Jan 07
Is it supposed to be her had dismissively or her hand dismissively???
Aimee_jackson1958 Aimee_jackson1958 Dec 03, 2016
"I always feel like somebody's watching meee! And I have no privacy"🎶
Manuel022 Manuel022 Jan 11
When your watching the trailer at home, alone, in the dark staring at your laptop across the room like 😳