My Mystery Boy  { COMPLETED }

My Mystery Boy { COMPLETED }

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When I was walking through the alley people attacked me. He was there at the right time I guess.
You were throughing them off and punching them.I remember your bright green eyes.

That was a year ago...........
My name is Avalon Black now I'm 17 years old. Everything happened in such a blur. Many people ask me what a 16 year old girl doing in a dark alley. Like I would say it!

****** Flashback******

I woke up to an annoying beeping. And white lights. Hospital. 

"Oh your awake. Good" a nurse said walking in 

"Ya what happened why am I here?" 

Her smile faultered a bit but she answered anyway.
"You were attacked. Thats what the Young man said when he brought you here." 

Young Man? Then I remember being hit by guys in the alley. 

"Whats his name?"
"John Doe" 
"Oh but his green eyes were amazing."

Green eyes! It all came back! 


Thoughts that went through my head mostly were. 

Why save me?
How'd you find me?
Where did you go?

Most importantly.

Who are you?


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leecoleloca leecoleloca Nov 20, 2016
Wait,,,How did they find out the nerd was the one to show them around??? I'm honestly a bit confused...
fromnetflix fromnetflix Mar 21, 2016
If this ever happened to me I would be searching everywhere for him
shemurr_teehee shemurr_teehee Jul 30, 2016
Where'd u come from? Where did u do? Where did u come from cotton-eyed Joe?
Talaylay_9285 Talaylay_9285 Apr 09, 2016
I would have broke her arm, in half. Like SNAP!! Hoe don't push me.