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Mate of the Werewolf (boyxboy)

Mate of the Werewolf (boyxboy)

576K Reads 12.3K Votes 13 Part Story
Mel, Rose or whatever you like :D By MelyssaAmethyst Completed

{Yaoi/Slash/BoyxBoy/MxM/LGBT} Being a werewolf was hard enough, especially with a sister, Camellia, who is abusive towards him. But when Ethan, a young male werewolf known as White Wolf, meets Chance, an older werewolf known as Night Wolf, his life changes dramatically. Especially after the appearence of more wolves...who seem to be after him.

Vampiresinlove Vampiresinlove 7 days ago
Definitely a feminazi.
                              Bitch he said nothing about you being female, just about you being an assbutt
The guy's probably thinking, "Why the fúck would I want you little bítch?
well then u should hate urself boo, cause you just explained all the reasons i hate u
GhoulishRainbows GhoulishRainbows Mar 02, 2016
My views on 'Crimson Wolf'- Snobby, Bitchy, Arrogant, Selfish, Vain.
                              Basically she deserves to be stabbed in the ass with a syringe full of sedatives and abandoned in da forest
robinhartley771 robinhartley771 Feb 23, 2016
she gonna meet her match.
                              one day soon.
                              hope he puts her conceited a-- where it belongs.
YukiChan801 YukiChan801 Nov 30, 2015
Vets are people who help injured animals so they are nice people unlike u it seems