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Daddy's Little Boy

Daddy's Little Boy

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Trixx By xtrixx Updated Apr 06

Seth Fieldswood has been on many dates in his life, all of them ended quickly due to his bad temper and his obsession with work. The only person who has been able to stay with this 27 year old CEO is his childhood companion, William but their relationship is strictly business.

Seth needs only three things in a person to be satisfied, someone who can cook, clean, and have sex with.  William already cooks and cleans, so he only need someone to satisfy him in bed.
 One  day at work, a co-worker tells him about slaves. Seth decides to try it. He ends up investing a ton of money in a little blonde boy who causes nothing but trouble. Seth has major second thoughts on the boy, but for some reason can't get rid of him

SempaiKun SempaiKun Nov 11, 2016
I got dumped 72 times. The last time was just a few days ago.
MeGo7078 MeGo7078 Apr 18, 2016
We have 8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and 2 living rooms.....  but really our house isn't that big!!
Amethyst_and_Lapis Amethyst_and_Lapis Jan 26, 2016
Will goin out for that 'I expected it you dick but I'll be nice' and 'best actor!' Award
sharonfirth1982 sharonfirth1982 Jan 17, 2016
okay dumped so many times maybe its time to think your doing something wrong. lol
misguided_lamb misguided_lamb Jan 14, 2016
Thos is kinda funny and awkward for me cuz seth is my name and im more of the submissive one XD
Artistic_beauty Artistic_beauty Jan 10, 2016
Believe bby boy. You truly need a relationship counselor. 🙂