Vampire's Addiction.

Vampire's Addiction.

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Princess G By beau_angel Completed

Book 1 of "The Addiction" series.

Demons. War. Revenge. Dark pasts that have yet to unfold...

Elena's life is turned upside down when she is kidnapped and forced to become the slave of a Prince... a Vampire Prince who happens to be next in line for the throne. Alex Skar Redoza is very handsome, powerful and strong but tends to be harsh and heartless. 

A prophecy is foretold stating that Elena must correctly pick her "true mate" but will be punished for having the option of doing so.

Complications arise after a mysterious letter arrives claiming Elena's.  Whilst the death toll increases, the chances of Elena and Alex surviving to be together decreases.

The same walls that are built to withstand anything are the same ones that will crumble when the darkest secret is revealed...

(Book shall be undergoing major editing as of 24th June and will be made more mature and writing will be improved A LOT.)

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He is a bitch and she is awesome and matches my personality very well *-*
I'm the master here! 
                              ^^^^^ sounds like your trying to convince yourself Alex
asunasao2 asunasao2 Jul 06
I love vampire diaries u can say all crap about twilight I don't care but not a word for vd!!  XD
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