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Guardians Book One - Magic Rising

Guardians Book One - Magic Rising

128K Reads 10.5K Votes 52 Part Story
Belladonna Fox By belladonnafox Completed

Kath remembers her gran, many years ago, telling her she wasn't mad - the voices she could hear were real - but years later, she's long forgotten she could ever hear whispers in the wind and voices that weren't hers. Now, she's an adult working a 9-5 job in the City. 
But one night, walking home along the river, she sees and hears things that couldn't possibly be real. And when her new colleague turns out to be more than just mysterious - when the voices that aren't real start speaking again - Kath knows her gran was right all along...

Cover art by the wonderful @LeighWStuart!


  • adventure
  • dartmoor
  • dreams
  • elemental
  • elements
  • fantasy
  • heroine
  • heroines
  • london
  • magic
  • monsters
  • paranormal
  • pestilence
  • seer
  • thames
  • twins
  • urban
  • warrior
  • water