Guardians Book One - Magic Rising

Guardians Book One - Magic Rising

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Belladonna Fox By belladonnafox Completed

Kath remembers her gran, many years ago, telling her she wasn't mad - the voices she could hear were real - but years later, she's long forgotten she could ever hear whispers in the wind and voices that weren't hers. Now, she's an adult working a 9-5 job in the City. 
But one night, walking home along the river, she sees and hears things that couldn't possibly be real. And when her new colleague turns out to be more than just mysterious - when the voices that aren't real start speaking again - Kath knows her gran was right all along...

Cover art by the wonderful @LeighWStuart!


  • adventure
  • dartmoor
  • dreams
  • elemental
  • elements
  • fantasy
  • heroine
  • heroines
  • london
  • magic
  • monsters
  • paranormal
  • pestilence
  • seer
  • thames
  • twins
  • urban
  • warrior
  • water
JTdream JTdream Jan 24, 2016
Likwhen you say he I was wondering where is the story located a t?
JEHallows JEHallows Nov 22, 2015
Brilliantly written prologue! Very polished and professional sounding. Love it! <3
lavenderstar lavenderstar Jun 07, 2015
This made me smile. I love your writing style and am delighted to have found another wonderful book to read!
EddieDavis285 EddieDavis285 May 17, 2015
Your style flows forward nicely at a good rhythm.    For some reason, the mention of the mysterious female giving a 'roundhouse kick' seemed oddly out of place, but that is only a small thing.   A very well done prologue.
Alecc0 Alecc0 May 14, 2015
I think a full stop between 'remote' and 'the wind' would be better here. Strong opening though!
belladonnafox belladonnafox May 14, 2015
@chetinsley no worries, it's not for everyone's taste, thanks for giving it a go! :)