Forever? {Sequel to Muted Mate}

Forever? {Sequel to Muted Mate}

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Luke's back, and his mission is to fix everything he can, but little does he know he has brought trouble along with him...

Kat's stronger than ever, but she's still broken. 

Will they fix things?
Will things get better?
Will they last forever?




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I was so sad when the first book ended coz I only started it today but I'm so glad there is a second book
I cried when the first book ended.... thanks《- (that was sarcasm)
Such a coward ik i'll enjoy this story and he might end up with her but no i'll still hate him
damn_Name damn_Name Sep 13, 2016
Can you stop with the oxygen. He left it so he should've died
wesleki wesleki Nov 03, 2015
My mother thinks im crazy after she saw me fliping out cause i finaly found the sequal after some minor trubles wth findin it
Written_well Written_well Sep 10, 2015
IF Kats all that then why qould u leave ur oxygen ur life support