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The Dragon's Slave

The Dragon's Slave

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Lacey_St_Sin By Lacey_St_Sin Completed

The first of the Amber Aerie Dragons Series. 

I smoothed the silken robes that clung tightly to my soft brown skin, accenting each of my curves to perfection. I knew they were so, because each waking moment of my life was spent ensuring it. From the carefully measured meals to the strict exercise regime, the choosing house kept meticulous track of every part of my physical aspect. Ensuring I had enough nutrition to produce healthy, womanly curves. Enough exercise to ensure I was physically fit and toned with only a slight degree of softness.
	Three years I had been maintained in such a way. Prepared for the pleasure of another.
	At least, that's what the managers thought they prepared me for. I knew different. I knew they prepared me for my escape.
	For three years I pushed myself hard during the exercise sessions, specifically the endurance, but I didn't skimp on upper body and leg strength either. That is, not until my instructors became suspicious. After the second time exercise was removed from me for pushing too hard I learned to fake a certain degree of weakness. 
	The better to enact my plan anyhow. For the day I was chosen was the day I would take my freedom and then I would flee to the southern lands where rumor spread that a runaway slave might have freedom from sexual service.
	I didn't expect him.

What a dbag. I mean, of course he would be, seeing as where he is. But STILL!
ItsJustAYoyo ItsJustAYoyo Sep 18, 2016
Have I read this before? I got the weirdest sense of deja vu
CrystalHenson CrystalHenson Nov 29, 2016
All these unique names and then something as everyday as Amber...??
Redsherbit Redsherbit Mar 14, 2016
This is so well-written! I love the elegance of your writing style and I already love this story!
sMiLe_n sMiLe_n Jun 14, 2016
From all the elegant surnames; Fothmar, Hreth, Banneth etc.. Firestriker suddenly strike me as common but somehow.. brutish?