Her Human Mate (A She-wolf story)

Her Human Mate (A She-wolf story)

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Mutenoise By Mutenoise Updated Feb 05

Scarlet is an only daughter of beta Lucas of Forest Knight pack. she has recently turned 18 and it's time for her to find a mate. She has always been a subject of ridicule because of the colour of her wolf. 
she has always hoped that everything will be fine once she finds her mate, who will love, accept and cherish her the way she is. She realizes that  fate has a complete different plan for her when she finds out that her mate is human!!!! will she be able to shut up her bullies? would she be able to make a human understand her world? would she be able to keep her teenage wolf hormones in check? her mate was just a human after all ... or was he? 

He pushed her against the wall. his hands still on her waist, with thumbs circling the edge of her hip bones. breathless, he claimed her lips again closing the distance between them. The unfamiliar feeling of possessiveness swallowing his mind with desire. 

"mine" she growled and the sound was enough to break his trance but not enough to make him stop what he had already started.

of course your fabulous your a female wolf with scarlet fur how cool is that? i mean come on!
Quarrelismyname Quarrelismyname Dec 26, 2016
It has an interesting twist which caught my eye in the first place. Grammar errors and format can be forgiven and your girl is already a lovely mess I can relate to. Lol. Looking forward to it.