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~Basketball And Manga~

~Basketball And Manga~

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Haru-nanana By ZeDarknessRainbow Updated Aug 20, 2016

She's cold. She doesn't need love. She dislikes sports. She has a secret and she loves manga.
She is Shizuka Kotonashi.
  He's the prince of the school. He's on the school's 'Idol List' too. He dislikes books,but he loves basketball and loves to win. 
He is Izumi Nakamura.
  What will happen when these two clash?
Created by: Muah.(ZeDarknessRainbow)XD
First created on: April 13th 2015.   
Main Genres: Romance,Comedy and....Shoujo(?)
Hope you enjoy this weird....anime book!!! :D

mystical-goddess mystical-goddess Jul 02, 2016
He's younger than ME and plays 1000000000000x better than I can*sulks in the corner crying
oceanbark oceanbark Apr 10, 2016
Why I like the episode 1 and 2 watch it its romantic why no book
MidKnightOwl MidKnightOwl May 07, 2016
Woah kid,calm down like seriously. Calm down. Take a chill pill.
Anime_Linlin Anime_Linlin Feb 11, 2016
The things we do for anime and manga ☺️❤️❤️😍😍👏
oceanbark oceanbark Apr 10, 2016
Why is nanami so common in username but kamisama kiss the book ow no nothing what the heck I love that movie but what the no book even Tomoe and nanami whay
oceanbark oceanbark Apr 10, 2016
I'm gonna go there after Spain why I hate here I like to go to Japan to go the voices of animax and see cherry blossoms but first spin to become a proper girl