My Babysitters A Vampire Boyfriend Scenarios

My Babysitters A Vampire Boyfriend Scenarios

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The Shark Mechanic By lilyride14 Updated Dec 24, 2016


I recently moved to a new school called WCH and I'm a little lost. Okay, badly lost. I was looking at my schedule, it had a map of the school on the back. While looking  I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and ran into something, more like someone. "Owww" I groaned in pain, "Hey are you okay, I didn't mean to run into you." Glancing up I see a worried, cute (slightly nerdy) boy. "Yeah I'm fine, but do you know where 2nd period is?" I questioned as he helped me to my feet. "Actually I was just heading there, I've never seen you around before, are you new?" I nodded "Oh, well then, I'm Ethan." He said, with a sweet smile. "(Y/n)"


I'm Rory's twin sister. Yes I know about him being a vampire, it doesn't really bother me that much, as long as he doesn't kill anyone when he feeds. Though, for some reason he wants me to meet his friends. I don't see the point, I mean, they're HIS friends not mine, but I'm going along with it anyway so that he doesn't bug me for the r...

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I love Star Wars. Also it appears that I am now a designated member of the geek squad
FireFox220 FireFox220 Mar 15, 2017
ɨ ɖօռ't ʟɨҡɛ staʀ աaʀs ɨ քɛʀʄɛʀ aռɨʍɛ tɦɛռ tɦat ċʀaք!!! ( sʀʀʏ staʀ աaʀs ʄaռs ɮʊt ɨts tʀʊɛ )
smolblueberryhead smolblueberryhead Jun 24, 2017
It okey. I know what its like to not like a character and write a fanfic about them😊
lol, this is literally how I met most of my friends!! 😂😅😁
Alphapereigrin Alphapereigrin Jan 17, 2017
no... HOW CAN U NOT LIKE RORY!!!! Im making a fanfic of him on my other account
MiciKnauff MiciKnauff Jul 16, 2016
I love Rory, and I'm happy that you are making stories about Rory too, a lot of times I see things that are only for Ethan and Benny so thank you