My Babysitters A Vampire Boyfriend Scenarios

My Babysitters A Vampire Boyfriend Scenarios

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The Shark Mechanic By lilyride14 Updated Dec 24, 2016


You  recently moved to a new school called WCH and were a little lost. Okay, badly lost. You were looking at your schedule, it had a map of the school on the back. While looking you weren't paying attention to where you were going and ran into something, more like someone. "Owww" you groaned. "Hey are you okay, I didn't mean to run into you." Glancing up you saw a worried, cute, slightly nerdy, boy. "Yeah I'm fine, but do you know where" you paused to glance at the schedule, "Miss Hamilton's class is?" You questioned as he helped you to your feet. "Actually I was just heading there. I've never seen you around before, are you new?" You nodded sheepishly. "Oh, well then, I'm Ethan." He said, with a sweet smile. "(Y/n)"


You're Rory's twin sister. Yes you know about him being a vampire, it doesn't really bother you that much, not anymore at least. After he explained that he doesn't kill anyone when he feeds, that had been your main concern. Though, for some reason he wants y...

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I love Star Wars. Also it appears that I am now a designated member of the geek squad
FireFox220 FireFox220 Mar 15, 2017
ɨ ɖօռ't ʟɨҡɛ staʀ աaʀs ɨ քɛʀʄɛʀ aռɨʍɛ tɦɛռ tɦat ċʀaք!!! ( sʀʀʏ staʀ աaʀs ʄaռs ɮʊt ɨts tʀʊɛ )
BeepBeepBaudelaires BeepBeepBaudelaires Jun 24, 2017
It okey. I know what its like to not like a character and write a fanfic about them😊
lol, this is literally how I met most of my friends!! 😂😅😁
Alphapereigrin Alphapereigrin Jan 17, 2017
no... HOW CAN U NOT LIKE RORY!!!! Im making a fanfic of him on my other account
MiciKnauff MiciKnauff Jul 16, 2016
I love Rory, and I'm happy that you are making stories about Rory too, a lot of times I see things that are only for Ethan and Benny so thank you