My Babysitters A Vampire Boyfriend Scenarios

My Babysitters A Vampire Boyfriend Scenarios

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The Shark Mechanic By lilyride14 Updated Dec 24, 2016


You were the new girl at WCH and you were lost. Badly lost. You were looking at the schedule, it had a map of the school on the back. While looking at it you weren't paying attention to where you were going and ran into something, more like someone. "Owww" you groaned in pain, "Hey are you okay, I didn't mean to run into you." You look up to see a cute (slightly nerdy) looking boy. "Yeah I'm fine, but do you know where 2nd period is?" "Actually I was just heading there, I've never seen you around before, are you new?" You nodded "Oh, well then, I'm Ethan" he said with an adorable smile. "(Y/n)"


You were Rory's twin sister, yes you know about the supernatural and about him being a vampire, and he wanted you to meet his friends. You didn't see the point, I mean, their HIS friends not yours, but you went along with it anyway so that he didn't bug the crap out of you to go. When you got there a little girl answered the door. "Oh, hey Rory, who's she?" "She's my twin sister!!...

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FireFox220 FireFox220 Mar 15
ɨ ɖօռ't ʟɨҡɛ staʀ աaʀs ɨ քɛʀʄɛʀ aռɨʍɛ tɦɛռ tɦat ċʀaք!!! ( sʀʀʏ staʀ աaʀs ʄaռs ɮʊt ɨts tʀʊɛ )
It okey. I know what its like to not like a character and write a fanfic about them😊
no... HOW CAN U NOT LIKE RORY!!!! Im making a fanfic of him on my other account
MiciKnauff MiciKnauff Jul 16, 2016
I love Rory, and I'm happy that you are making stories about Rory too, a lot of times I see things that are only for Ethan and Benny so thank you
Fifi0522 Fifi0522 Aug 08, 2016
Low key this is the nerdy me starting to show... I love Star Wars
DaBestConstellation DaBestConstellation Aug 11, 2016
No. I don't... Lmao all I do is use my phone, Xbox and computer