The Story of Us: Her Fate (Under Rewriting and Editing)

The Story of Us: Her Fate (Under Rewriting and Editing)

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Grey is the peculiar colour made by the union of the two most prominent colours of this universe, White and Black. But human beings-who are the most conscious beings of this world-are never in terms of White and Black. Everyone's Grey, yet in one, the Grey is warmer and closer to White while in other it's closer to Black and colder. And even when nothing's Black and White, yet ironically it is. But sometimes deception do help people to camouflage their original shade of Grey and pretend to be something they aren't! 

Khushali Kapoor was one woman who had had always believed in the concept of 'Black and White'. So did her ex fiancé Sagar Malhotra, who died an untimely death, and her husband Sidharth Mehra, whom Khushali married only for the sake of her family. But was everything the way Khushali had always assumed them to be or there was something else, hidden from her by deception and the mirage she was made to believe? Was everything in her life a lie or was it just the result of always being blind to things that were happening around her?

Read on to know! ;)

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shake-it-up shake-it-up Nov 26, 2016
I will miss this book! However, I hope you feel better and surround yourself in positivity❤️
softylucky softylucky Nov 26, 2016
It was such a wonderful and amazing story I m really going to miss it but earlier u said u will b deleting it in December I was planning to read it once more :'( I hope u will be posting it back on wattpad plz if possible
twinjarundhati twinjarundhati Dec 01, 2016
seriously  mauli
                              Luv  u dear..... 
                              I was waiting  like hell... 😘
sara20012017 sara20012017 Nov 24, 2016
It will hurt me to not find one of my favourite book on wattpad but it makes you feel better...and yes I totally agree that no negativity should be kept ❤️