:Kidnapped: And all he say's is 'Sorry'?

:Kidnapped: And all he say's is 'Sorry'?

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Fleur By JarOfHearts Updated Mar 04, 2011

"You want to know my story?

Most of it's locked up in some confidential file floating around the system, but I'll try to fill you in. I'm a murderer. Still want to know my story?

Not by choice. It's never been a choice. But right now I have the chance, between doing what's right, and doing what's easy.

My name's Ryan. You might have heard of me under another name some money hungry reporter conjured up, but I'm still the same person. My life story has nothing to do with my life, I'm just a pawn in someone else's chess game. 

The game of finding my father."


Ryan was taken when he was younger and tortured for information on the whereabouts of his father. His father owed money to big people in the drug and money trades, and they wanted to know where he was. Since then Ryan has been held captive to do Mr. Azakasi's dirty work, forced to kidnap and murder people to tie up loose ends. He's been instructed to find people connected with his father and get information for Azakasi. If he doesn't comply with these terms, the he'll be executed. He thought it was worth doing all these bad things to live, until he gets instructed to kidnap and kill Hayley. The only one willing to see past the scars of Azakasi. Is Hayley the one who can free him for good? Or is she just the beginning?

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lottalochacaramel lottalochacaramel Oct 02, 2012
I have seen this same cover 3 different times. I actually thought this was the same book as the other with this cover...hhmmmm
Bookwormefm Bookwormefm Aug 02, 2011
This is a great story!! I loved the writing, and it's just the first chapter! Great job! and i agree with bball11knights. No swearing!
holyphyre180 holyphyre180 Jul 22, 2011
This is very good for a first chapter. For the most part the grammar is handled well and I saw only a few mistakes. You drew me imto the story and kept my attention. As a reader I love it, as a writer I like it. Good work! I can't wait to read more! 
richapicha richapicha Mar 08, 2011
Wow absolutely amazing! You're really talented, this is a great story i enjoyed it thoroughly :) hope you would check out mine your opinion would mean a lot! http://www.wattpad.com/1112181-don%27t-you-forget
                              its called Don't You Forget
MeganVincent MeganVincent Mar 07, 2011
Hey,I love it! I was wondering if you would check out MY story. The Absence Within. It is my first story and only on chapter one,but I'd love your opinion! Thanks! -MeganVincent
CarmaStories CarmaStories Mar 06, 2011
Detail and suspense is used so much in this story, incredible. Would be honoured if anyone could check my first story, im kindve new to Wattpad