Your Lovely Torture (BDSM)

Your Lovely Torture (BDSM)

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(I recommend my other book: Devoured Innocence over this)

"What do you need? Hmmm?" Xavier hisses. 

"Your cock, I need your cock inside me. Please fuck me." Isis groans, tortured by her very own lust. Her pussy whines for attention, steaming, drowning in her own pungent juices. She began desperately thrusting her delicate hips up into thin air. "Fuck my pussy." She beseeched. 

"That's it," Xavier growls as he moves over her petite figure, positioning his massive body at the entrance of her tinted pussy. "My little slut is hungry isn't she? I'm gonna give you my cock, baby. Go ahead, baby, scream for me." He sneers. 

Xavier buries himself inside her precious pussy with one deep thrust, watching her scream out his name as she repetitiously came over and over on his raging cock.

What I want to know is why these guys are so wound up about a pizza. Do they just go around to random houses hoping two attractive girls are trying to score a free pizza?
What does it mean at the beginning by "fanning" before you can read all the chapters?
All for a pizza. Smh, girly, you gotta get your priorities straight.
Isis = A terrorist group.
                              Smh, who would name the kid Isis unless you want your child to be bullied.
hosuckjin hosuckjin Jun 17, 2016
My mom would make me give her my phone and then I would have to read the bible
LeslysElias LeslysElias Jul 15, 2016
i am so confused....i seriously thought it was like an actual egg and her genitals had yolk on them