The Fated Encounter

The Fated Encounter

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W I N RY ™ By TheReluctantHero Updated Feb 02

-Natsu x Reader-

The man in the castle. The man to torment you until you are rescued by fairies. Those of whom bring you to their guild where you are greeted by a salamander,  the fire dragon. His rosey pink hair is not his only remarkable feature. His tanned yet porcelain skin, his sweet personality, and caring, dominate, and protective hold on you makes it hard to resist him. Its almost instinctive for you to be with him. 

QUICK Synopsis: This is a slowly progressing shonan love story between you, the lovely reader and of course everyone's bae, Natsu. You go through quests, arcs, trials  and odd mishaps. You can PM me with different ideas for arcs or you can even ask for your oc's to make an appearance or two!


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tskuyomi tskuyomi Feb 24, 2016
Lol I just walk in there and he's like: WELCOME TO FAIRY TAIL YOUR A MEMBER NOW!! Not that I'm complaining 😏
a-snail-with-wings a-snail-with-wings May 18, 2016
Ok now let's do a quick role play 
                              Natsu: *blushes*
                              Me: *blushes*
                              Komo: "..."
                              Carla: "..."
                              P.lily: "..."
                              Happy: "..."
                              Happy: "YOU LOOOOOVE HEEEER!!!!
The_Rebel_Rose The_Rebel_Rose Jul 11, 2016
My mind refuses tote me think of that sentence like a normal human being.
The_Rebel_Rose The_Rebel_Rose Jul 11, 2016
Like I just got thrown off a cliff into rocky spikes then drowned in the ocean and thrown of another cliff.
YumiofFairyTail YumiofFairyTail Apr 17, 2016
Some kidnap me in the world of Fairy Tail and have Natsu and the guild save me now