Divergent High: Fire v Ice

Divergent High: Fire v Ice

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Marie By Marie__reid Updated Jul 21

Fours POV
She won't break. She's the only one who doesn't gawk at me. I swear I'll make her fall for me. I'll break her.

Tris POV
He thinks he's so good when really he's just a cocky jerk. He thinks I'll fall for him. Well then, I guess well see who breaks first.

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Four and Tris have hated each other since the day they met. Going to the same school, and being neighbors is living hell for both of them. With Four's dad being principal, and his best friend/ uncle, Amar, is the gym teacher, Four practically owns the school. Everyone sees him as the gorgeous quarterback who's practically a prize. Tris having her aunt Tori be the drama teacher and everyone loving her like a little sister is also shinning like a star at their school if 10,000 people. Tris and her group,  Shauna, Christina, Marlene, and Lynn fight against Fours group, Zeke Will Zane and Uriah. But when love starts to come into the picture, who will win?

livxwaterz livxwaterz Aug 04
ohhhhhh SHIZZZZ he's already protecting her. awwwwww the feels
Idk why but It kinda reminds me of this one Episode from glee
M_Michaelis M_Michaelis Mar 03
This is the first story that I ever actually read every line of,EXCELLENT story
OK iv read 100s of divergent fanfics by far this is the best
sg_12319 sg_12319 Feb 20
I live in West Chicago and this is so freaking true it's not even funny