I Miss You

I Miss You

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*10 years ago*

 Jesse: Truth or dare?

 James: Hmm... Dare.

 Jesse: Ok! I dare you to kiss [YN]!

 You: What?!

 James: I... really?

 Jesse: Yes.

 James slowly leans close to you; you both were nerves, because you two never kissed. Then he kisses you.

 You: Wow!

 James: Yes wow!

 Jesse: Awwww! Your first kiss.

 *5 years ago - In high school*

 You: Where is James? He is late.

 Jesse: He said he will be right here.

 You: He is late.

 Jesse: Look there he is.

 You: Finally!

 James: Sorry but I had to do something.

 You: What?

 James: You will see after the dance on the party.

 You: Is it something for me?

 James: Just for you *smile*

 You: Thank you *kiss him*

 *at the party*

 James: Let's go outside for the present.

 You: Ok.

 James: Now watch this.

 It starts the firework, because of the prom. In that moment James pulls out of his pocket a little box.

 You: What is this?

 James: Open it.

 You: *open the box and see a ring* OMG! James?

 James: We know each oth...

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