Bras, Panties and Balls [Werewolf/Cross-dresser]

Bras, Panties and Balls [Werewolf/Cross-dresser]

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J A Y    C . By WeAim2Pls Updated Apr 18, 2015

Vincent and Violé, also known as Vinny and Vi, were the Horris twins. From their dusty pepper-brown shoulder-length hair to their large baby blue eyes and creamy pale skin, everyone had always mistaken them for twin sisters instead of twins whom were of the opposite sex. 

So when the Horris twins move back into their parent's small village which was located outside of their beloved wild city, Vinny and Vi had the best of laughs by having Vinny dress up just like his sister to trick their new school peers. Not that Vinny mind dressing up in a girl's panty, putting on make-up and wearing a very flattering short skirt to show off his beautiful slender legs. Back in the big city, Vinny was known for being a gay guy, who enjoyed cross-dressing.

After five years of running away from hunters and living as a Stray (rogue), Jamieson Wolfe has finally found a small village to settle down in. He had just moved into the village three months ago and had made the promise to the local pack's Alpha that he would not cause them any trouble or get himself involved with any of the pack members (mostly referring to the female members of the pack) for his entire stay on their grounds. 

Though everything changes when he lays eyes on the twins and the smell of his potential mate radiates from one of the two. But with the twins being so close to each other, it is very hard for Jamieson to identify which one is his mate since their scents have completely mixed themselves together. Which leads to another problem: Jamieson wasn't the only one that has a potential mate out of the twins; also the Alpha's son, Westly Quinn.

If that wasn't enough, Jamieson's surprised to discover that one of the twin sisters is actually a guy and may just be his mate! What's going on?!

WARNING: Story contains graphic bxb scenes in future chapters, foul language, knotting and cross-dressing. If this is NOT your cup of tea, then just ignore this story and move onto another story ^^

*imagines a girly-guy toosie in the panties*
                              I'd tap that *nose bleeds* sucks I'm a girl
SPrinceton SPrinceton Jul 09
Bet Jamieson smells like Nutella... wait never mind Vinny isn't a wolf
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Oml!!! I'm already so into this book!!! Like aaaaaaaaaaahh !!!! 😆
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OMG. I'm so excited for the next chapter and chapters to come. This is gonna be good!!
Here4thekillonHILL Here4thekillonHILL Apr 10, 2015
U have no idea how much I love u right now! I have been waiting for a story with all the concepts u have in it for quite some time. Thank you, so very much!