My Best Friend's Boyfriend [boyxboy]

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Ariel By ririRAWR23 Updated 3 years ago
Ayden has been best friends with Schyler for as long as he can remember. The only problem is he is in love with her boyfriend Riley who also happens to be a good friend of his. Everyone knows Ayden is gay and accepts it. Can Ayden get over his friend that seems straight? Or is Riley hiding something from everyone??
the chapters seem to end unexpectantly but they are a good length, keep going with this!:)
@ilikedudes i agree its a little different but amazin none the less :)
it was short and u culdve added a little morr details other than that it was good
that was a really good chapter im curious as to what brayden has up his sleeve kudos good job
I dont like the 3rd person, it just seems weird but I will continue to read on
i like it so far and its different i have never read a story on wattpad in the 3rd person omniscient