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Melting The Ice (Iceland x Depressed! Reader)

Melting The Ice (Iceland x Depressed! Reader)

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Chibi-Katana By Chibi-Katana Completed

(Completed; Ten Chapters) Your decision was final. You were going to go to Iceland. Your friend, Arthur had thrown a fit when he found out that you were taking the long trip from England to Iceland. This was his final effort to get you not to go. Here. In the airport. With tons of people watching his tantrum. (Hetalis and all characters, excluding the reader, belong to Hidekaz Himaruya. The picture is not mine. I own the storyline.)

Haha I'm always cold one time in the summer I was wearing long sleeves 4 thick blankets and I still was cold
LiteralPastelTrash LiteralPastelTrash Apr 10, 2016
I'm reading this with my friend and she's like, “I didn't know Iceland was a tundra!” And I'm like, "T-T"
JellyTheAwkwardFetus JellyTheAwkwardFetus Aug 17, 2016
Chill Iggy! I (used to) live in NI! It's freezing all the time!!
ElzaSha ElzaSha Nov 27, 2016 
                              85° F= 85°-32°= 53°
                              53°× 5/9 = 29,4° C
                              Wow... It's average temperature here in the ecuator
tsuntsuntsun tsuntsuntsun Nov 06, 2016
Wait what? Very last? Am I going to die? Am I going to be arrested? Will I stay in Iceland? What about Arthur?
My line every time someone calls me tsundere. Instead of Kiku I say one of my friends name XD