My Babysitters A Vampire 7 minutes in heaven

My Babysitters A Vampire 7 minutes in heaven

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The Shark Mechanic By lilyride14 Updated Apr 10, 2015

I shouldn't be just sitting around my house. It's a Saturday, and I am bored out of my mind! Why can't something just happen? ANYTHING. It could be Jessie for all I care! Suddenly my phone went off, a familiar ding sounding. I grabbed it only to see Sarah had texted. 'Hey (y/n), I'm having a party, you should come over! It'll just be you, Erica, me, and the geek squad ;)'. I felt my face heat up. Ever since she found out about my crush she's turned it into her mission to get us together. Yes, I had a crush on one of the biggest geeks/idiots/dorks/nerds/etc. ever.

Time skip cause I'm lazy~~~

When I got to Sarah's place I couldn't help but look around some. I had never been here before, half the time I wasn't even sure if she lived in Whitechapel. Right before I was about to knock Rory opened the door. "Hey (y/n)! You came to Sarah's party to?" I grinned, nodded and headed inside. Sarah had told the truth, it was just the people I had been told would be here. "Hey (y/n). We can finally...

rainbowland75 rainbowland75 Dec 19, 2017
Am I spider man now? Because I'm a lazy ass potato who can't do that because I have no strength
I'm sobbing. This boy is gonna be the shucking death of me😭💞
Ouma_Kokichi_DRV3 Ouma_Kokichi_DRV3 Feb 21, 2017
How did I get here. See this is what happens when you re watch this show on Netflix