My Babysitters A Vampire 7 minutes in heaven

My Babysitters A Vampire 7 minutes in heaven

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The Shark Mechanic By lilyride14 Updated Apr 10, 2015

You were just sitting around your house it was a Saturday, and you were bored out of your mind! You wished something would happen. ANYTHING. It could be Jessie for all you care! Suddenly your phone buzzed, you grabbed it to see Sarah had texted you, hey (y/n) I'm having a small party it'll just be me and Erica and the geek squad ;) you felt your face heat up because she knew you had a crush on one of the geek squad. Yes you had a crush one of the biggest geeks/idiots ever.

Time skip cause I'm lazy~~~

You got to Sarah's place, you had never really seen it before so you looked at it for a bit, and went to the door. Right before you were about to knock Rorie opened the door, "hey (y/n)! you came to Sarah's party to?" You smiled and nodded, and headed inside, Sarah had told the truth, it was just the geek squad, Erica and you. "Hey (y/n)!! Your just in time to play a game!!" Benny cheered "what game?" you asked as you sat down on the couch next to Sarah "seven minutes in heaven" Erica sa...

rainbowland75 rainbowland75 Dec 19, 2017
Am I spider man now? Because I'm a lazy ass potato who can't do that because I have no strength
Unknown__Pidge Unknown__Pidge Feb 21, 2017
How did I get here. See this is what happens when you re watch this show on Netflix