Percy Jackson, Prince of the Universe *Discontinued*

Percy Jackson, Prince of the Universe *Discontinued*

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Full name By cynthiaforev Updated Jan 10, 2016


That was all Cosmos felt.


That was Percy Jackson, slowly fading away.


He ran away, swearing to never come back.


Will Cosmos-also known as Percy Jackson-get his life back? From all who he loved and cared for?

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Damn I would like to have all that.....make ppl actually have a conversation with me.....
Anyone Else Just Start Singing Right Hand Man From Hamilton? I'm Total HAMILTRASH So There's That.
Mokastar Mokastar Mar 26
We are literally on the brink of destroying the entire planet
*flips off* $ #* class="on-user-mention" href="/user/$&!*@ @$&!*@@###!!!!<">###!!!!">@$&!*@@###!!!!</a> IMBICILE!!! HOW BLOODY DARE YOU ANNABETH?!!! HOW CAN THEY BETRAY HIM?!!! F****** S***!!!
Thefairynoelle Thefairynoelle Jun 26, 2015
I did not even know it was possible to run out of choes storys